Prime Brokers

Prime brokers are tasked with providing, among other things, a world-class technology platform in a margin-constrained environment.

Fascet’s purpose-built data management solutions facilitate this endeavor by tightly consolidating data across all enterprise applications on a scalable, centralized platform. Employing our data governance utility, prime brokers can more efficiently respond to fund manager requirements for increased transparency and customized reporting capabilities.

By quickly and easily integrating data from upstream and downstream systems, our clients in turn are expediting their time to market with informing fund managers on activity, positions, performance, collateral utilization, margin calculation, risk assessment, rebates and fees incurred.

While seeking differentiation through unique offerings, prime brokers are also evaluating how to increase the profitability of attracting and retaining clients. Our professional services group has worked with some of the largest prime brokers in the industry to leverage technology and organizational efficiencies so they can focus on providing more value-added services.

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